Cross-reactivity of unwanted T cell response, among other things, due to the selection of non-suitable epitopes may result in elevated off-target effects and lethal toxicity. Therefore, identifying the proper target peptide HLA (pHLA) complex is crucial for generating TCRs for improved safety and efficacy.

EXPItope-M, the refined version of EXPItope 2.0, is our improved proprietary tool to assess immunotherapeutic antigens for their potential cross-reactivity against naturally expressed proteins in human tissues. The source of EXPItope-M is a collection of seven databases, which are regularly updated and allows examination of the expression of potential pHLA on mRNA and on protein level. In addition, adding novel bioinformatic tools enables the improvement of epitope prediction.

EXPItope-M allows prediction of binding affinities of newly identified epitopes for improved safety and efficacy. It enables the identification of mismatched epitopes for safety assessments. EXPItope-M is constantly expanded and allows screening for pHLA using a broader search of databases and higher prediction accuracy, enhancing its use for safety assessments.

Medigenes uses EXPItope-M to identify immunogenic epitopes as potential TCR target with reduced off-target adverse effects.

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