Target Screening

The choice of the right epitope to be recognized by TCRs is critical for reducing off-target toxicities. Bioinformatic tools like our proprietary EXPITope-M tools enable the examination of the expression of newly identified epitopes in healthy tissue, especially in vital organs like the heart and brain, to avoid unspecific binding of TCRs leading to fatal damage to healthy tissue.

Target Screening Publications

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Target Screening Abstracts

CAR-TCR Summit

Combined Molecular & Cellular Tools are Required to Assess Safety of TCR-T Immunotherapies; Tristan Holland


CIMT – Cancer Immunotherapy Annual Meeting 2013, Mainz

Wehner C., Ellinger C., Raffegerst S., Wilde S., Mosetter B., Schendel D.J., Milošević S., 2013. Isolation of antigen-specific CD8+ T lymphocytes and molecular characterization of antigenic epitopes. CIMT Mainz, Germany.

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